Products / DETROIT DIESEL ( Suitable for )
CodeOem CodeEngineCyl
IC 01112-712 CYL
IC 01123-533 CYL
IC 01133-713 CYL
IC 01146V-536 CYL
IC 01156-716 CYL
IC 01166V-716 CYL
IC 01176V-92RH6 CYL
IC 01186V-92LH6 CYL
IC 011960 Series6 CYL
IC 01208V-718 CYL
IC 01218V-92 (Old Style)8 CYL
IC 01228V-92RH8 CYL
IC 01238V-92LH8 CYL
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All brand names and orijinal part numbers are used for reference purposes only and it is not implied that listed crankshafts and original products.