Products / KOMATSU ( Suitable for )
CodeOem CodeEngineCyl
IC 04216207 -31 - 1110S4D954 CYL
IC 04226206- 31- 1110S6D956 CYL
IC 04236136-31-1110S6D1056 CYL
IC 04246138-31-1010S6D1106 CYL
IC 04256222-31-1110S6D1086 CYL
IC 04266151-31-1110S6D1256 CYL
IC 04276127-31-1012S6D1556 CYL
IC 04286162-33-1131S6D1706 CYL
IC 04296164-31-1100SV8D170V8
IC 04306215-31-1110S6D1406 CYL
IC K 0431621-31-1100 - 6215-31-1101 - 6215-311110SA12V140V 12
IC 09056745-31-1120SAA6D114E-36 CYL
IC 09066742-01-1570SAA6D114E-26 CYL
IC 09076217-31-1010SAA6D140E-36 CYL
IC 09086245-31-1100 - 6245-31-1301SAA6D170E-56 CYL
IC 09096219-31-1140SAA12V140V 12
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All brand names and orijinal part numbers are used for reference purposes only and it is not implied that listed crankshafts and original products.