Products / MAN ( Suitable for )
CodeOem CodeEngineCyl
IC 0478D 2556-D2566(8 Counterweights)6 CYL /125
IC 0479-D 26230 (8 Counterweights)6 CYL
IC 048051021006019, 51021016043,51021016081DD 2868(8 Counterweights integrated)6 CYL /128
IC 0481510210006018,51021016082,51021016038,51021016044D 2866 TGA (8Counterweights integrated)6 CYL/128
IC 048251021017392,51021017517,51021016029,51021016049D 2565/28655 CYL/125-128
IC 0483-4 CYL
IC 048451021017204D 2538V8
IC 048551021017600,510210107243D 2540 ME,D2840 ME, D2540 MTV10/128
IC 048651021017205D 2530 ME, D2530MTV10/125
IC 048751021017123D 2156 IKARUS 6 CYL 121-123
IC 048851021017741,51021017515,51021017708D2566/D2556(4 Counterweights)6 cyl
IC 048951021016088,51021017605,51021017609,51021017649,51021017653,51021017735D08266 CYL
IC 049051021016090,51021016022,51021016050,51021010608,F926202310070D08366 CYL
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