Products / PERKINS ( Suitable for )
CodeOem CodeEngineCyl
IC 0664ZZ90148 / ZZ90116 / 3638309M91 / 84402PERKINS 3.152 ROPE SEAL (With counter weight)3 CYL
IC 066594435 /94436 /U5BG0019 /3637401M91PERKINS 4.236 /4.248 LIP SEAL4 CYL
IC 0666ZZ90100 /ZZ90076 /85719PERKINS 4.212 ROPE SEAL4 CYL
IC 06674181V017PERKINS 1103/1103B-33/1103C-33/1103C-33T LIP SEAL(Snout:3holes-flange:6 bolt holes-1 dowel)3 CYL
IC 0668ZZ90093 /84422/U5B0054/3637789M91 ZZ90108/U5BG0026/68050/68609/31315881PERKINS 4.236/4.248 ROPE SEAL4 CYL
IC 0669ZZ90124/31315824/84417/U5BG0056PERKINS 4.108 ENGINE4 CYL
IC 0670ZZ90150/ ZZ90122 /94458 /637399M91PERKINS 3.152 LIP SEAL(With counter weights)3 CYL
IC 0671ZZZZ90111/3637458M91/31315182/94455PERKINS 4.203 LIP SEAL4 CYL
IC 0672ZZ90121/ 92484/ U5BG0028/ 3638473M91PERKINS 4.203 ROPE SEAL4 CYL
IC 0673ZZ90095/ 94441/ 31315181/ 742344M91PERKINS 4.203 LIP SEAL(Snout:1hole-splıned-flange:6bolt holes-1dowel)4 CYL
IC 0674ZZ90077 /94430 /3637453M91PERKINS 4.212 LIP SEAL4 CYL
IC 0675ZZ90143PERKINS 4.236/4.248 LIP SEAL(3 Holes)4 CYL
IC 0676ZZ90117/ zz90075/ 31312702/ 68044 /94463PERKINS 3.152 LIP SEAL (Splined nose-with counter weights)3 CYL
IC 0678ZZ90086/ U5BG0035/ 3637404M91 /4224054M91PERKINS 6.354-4 LIPSEAL(Snout:3holes-2Keyways-Flange:12Bolt Holes,1Dowel)6 CYL
IC 0679ZZ90086/ U5BG0035/ 3637404M91 /4224054M91PERKINS 6.354-4 LIPSEAL(Snout:3holes-2Keyways-Flange:12Bolt Holes,1Dowel)Forged6 CYL
IC 0680ZZ90089 /68063 /U5BG0045 /3637472M91PERKINS 6.354-2 ROPE SEAL(Snout:1hole-1keyways-splined-flamge:12bolt holes)6 CYL
IC 0681ZZ90089 /68063 /U5BG0045 /3637472M91PERKINS 6.354-ROPE SEAL(Snout:1Hole1Keyway-Splıned-Flange:12BoltHoles)Forged6 CYL
IC 0682ZZ90090 /94468 /U5B0048 /3637424M91PERKINS 6.354-2 LIPSEAL(Snout:1Hole-Splined&Keyed-Flange:6Bolt Holes,1Dowel6 CYL
IC 0683ZZ90090 /94468 /U5GB0048 /3637424M91PERKINS 6.354-2 LIP SEAL(Snout:1 Hole-Splined&Keyed-Flange:6Bolt Holes,1dowel)(forged)6 CYL
IC 0684ZZ90202 /ZZ90081 /3640408M91 /3665768M2PERKINS 4.236 /4.248 LIP SEAL(Flange:10bolt holes-snout:3bolt hole)H.Weight4 CYL
IC 0685ZZ90202 / ZZ90081 /3640408M91 /3665768M2PERKINS 4.236/4.248LIP SEAL(Flange:10Bolt Holes-Snout:3Bolt Hole)H.Weight(Forged)4CYL
IC 0686ZZ90105 /U5BG0038 /3637406M91 /4224054M91PERKINS 6.354-4LIP SEAL (Snout:3bolt holes-2 keyways-flange:12bolt holes,1dowel)(nitrited)6 CYL
IC 0687ZZ90082PERKINS 4.236 /4.248 LIP SEAL(Flange:6 Bolt Holes-Snout:1Bolt Holes)H.Weight4 CYL
IC 0688ZZ90082PERKINS 4.236 /4.248 LIP SEAL(Flange:6Bolt Holes-Snout:1Bolt Holes)H.Weight(Forged)4 CYL
IC 0689ZZ900222PERKINS 1004/1104 LIP SEAL(Snout:3holes-flamge:10bolt holes-1 dowel)4 CYL
IC 0690ZZ90224PERKINS 1004 /1104 LIP SEAL(snout:3 holes-falnge:6bolt holes-1dowel)4CYL
IC 0691ZZ90212PERKINS 4.236 /4.248 LIP SEALTURBO ENGINE(snout:3holes-flange:10 bolt holes)(nitrited)4 CYL
IC 0692ZZ90213PERKINS 1006/1106 LIP SEAL(Snout:3Holes-Flange:11 Bolt Holes-1 dDwel)6 CYL
IC 0693370998009 /70260030 /S4004 PERKINS 4.236 /4.2248 /4.236T /P4000(Snout:3 Holes-Flange:6 Bolt Holes)H Weight4 CYL
IC 0694370998009 /70260030 /S4004 PERKINS 4.236 /4.248 /4.236T/P4000(Snout:3Holes-Flange:6 Bolt Holes)H.Weight(Forged)4 CYL
IC 0695CV24559 - CV9183301212 V
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