Products / TOYOTA ( Suitable for )
CodeOem CodeEngineCyl
IC 078213401 - 56021TOYOTA 2B, B30 MINIBUS,MINITRUCK(4 ıntegrated counterweights)4 CYL
IC 078313401-54040TOYOTA B65 MINIBUS,MINITRUCK( 8 ıntegrated counterweights)4 CYL
IC 078413411-02901TOYOTA 4AFE, 4AGE 1600 cc4 CYL
IC 078513401-11050TOYOTA 2E 1300 cc OIL4 CYL
IC 078613401-22030TOYOTA 1600 cc WTI4 CYL
IC 078713011-54100TOYOTA 2L,2S MOTOR DIESEL4 CYL
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All brand names and orijinal part numbers are used for reference purposes only and it is not implied that listed crankshafts and original products.