Products / VOLVO PENTA ( Suitable for )
CodeOem CodeEngineCyl
IC 08104804115, 787445TD 424 CYL
IC 0811TD 454 CYL
IC 0812465755, 465678, 24424614TD 606 CYL
IC 0813465798, 420662, 24424610TD 61(6-holes)6 CYL
IC 08148192122, 24427376TD 61 (9 holes)6 CYL
IC 0815TD 706 CYL
IC 0816471011, 477116TD 716 CYL
IC 08173808689,6888669,8194490,,20381958,467709,1545657,848767,3826384,3826385TD 100-101 101/THD 100-101-102/TAD 1030/F10-N10(10 Holes in flywheel.Lenght 115)6 CYL 120,64
IC 08183808687,8194456,20381957,8126780,8194359,8194304TD 102-103/D 10 A/TWD 1031/TAD 1030/F10 (14holes on flange)6 CYL/120,64
IC 08196888740,470681,468617TD120-121-122-123/F12-N12(10 holes in flywheel.Lenght 123)6 CYL/130,18
IC 0820478676,8125583TD 122-123 E/F12-F16-N12(14 holes on flange)6 CYL/130,18
IC 08211547468,20411189,20533078,20533089FH12,D12 A/C/D(Lenght 120)6 CYL
IC 08223839450,3833415D25A-MT,D25A-MS6 CYL
IC 0823D30A-MT ,D30A-MS6 CYL
IC 0824D34A-MT,D34A-MSV12
IC 0825D49A-MT,D49A-MSV12
IC 0826D65A-MT,D65A-MSV16
IC 08273830814,478676,865032,8125583,3137528,848769TAD 120/121/122(14 holes)6 CYL
IC 08283807244,863792TAD 1630/1631,TD1646 CYL
IC 082921022489,8148110D9/A6 CYL
IC 083020724015,21245957,20790461D5A/D7A6 CYL
IC 083121460971,20898081D7 / TAD734GE6 CYL
IC 0832FH16/FM12,TAD 1640/1641/16426CYL
IC 0833TAD 1343 /1344 /13456 CYL
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All brand names and orijinal part numbers are used for reference purposes only and it is not implied that listed crankshafts and original products.