The function our R & D department is to catch up with the latest technology and system. Our company  our engine crankshafts are made by using the methods of 'SHELL MOLDING' , 'VERTICAL CASTING' with heat treatment. Our products are in GGG 90 and DIN 1693-1793 norms.

Our engine crankshafts are produced from spherical grafhite cast iron by using sorel metal. With their special ingredients our products have endurance against breaking in two, heat, expansion. The tensile test bar taken before every casting analyses are done by spectrometer ourselves.          


Intercrank has 20 years of knowledge and experience about crankshaft and automotive spare parts with leader of quality    slogan.Since 2003,we are manufacturing 1 cyl to 20 cyl vehicle motor and high quality crankshaft.

Our firm which is Turkey' s leader Crankshaft manufacturer,established products all over country.Furthermore,we export our products more than 35 countries in the world, America, North Africa, Middle East and Far East. Intercrankshaft the supplier of respectable firms in where abouts.We are happy to be the shining star of Turkey's automotive spare part industry.

Intercrank is always producing quality products with customers.

Intercrank is going ahead to be the world trademark with customers. We are proceeding on our way by using the technology with experienced operators.