INTERCRANK ( International Crankshaft Industry ) has been developing its business relations in 35 different countries and in Turkey as well with most competitive prices, best quality products and authentic  service policy since 1997. Despite being a middle size company from the time it was founded,  Intercrank took a place between bigger companies with the matter of guality and the perseverance of granding the impossibilities and became a famous brand name in manufacturing sector.

With our professional  staff we produce crankshafts for marine generators, automotive, locomotive and gas engines till 24 cylinder and all our crankshafts have 24 months  of engine  warranty.

Our permanent principles are solid quality, flawless service, delivery on time and suitable prices.

We will be on duty for you with success in manufacturing, honest service, best quality and  also with our experienced staff and managers with positive thoughts,  today and in the future.