INTERNATIONAL CRANKSHAFT INDUSTRY  has got two options about produce crankshaft : Austempered Ductile Iron and Casting Iron

Mainly we follow the steps below during production process;

  • Analyses of production chemical combination and spectrometer  are made.
  • After clarification of analyses we start mass production.


Our Machines
  • ​Rough machining lathes,
  • Orbital milling machines,
  • Automatic drilling machines,
  • Grinding machines,
  • Machining centers,
  • Balancing machines,
  • Polishing machines,
  • Fillet rolling machines.



 We make packing depends on our customer demans.But generally we follow these procedure;

  • Greased with preventive oil against rust
  • Wrapped with wax paper against oxidation
  • Packed with wooden boxes